Short films and inspiring documentaries from our friends around the web

KORUA Snowboards' Yearning for Turning Vol 6

Video: Yearning for Turning Volume 6

If this short vid doesn't convince you that carving is the coolest snowboard trick nothing will

Jeremy Jones' Life of Glide

Video: Finding the Ultimate Freedom in "Life of Glide"

A history lesson in surfing both waves and snow with a modern account of hand-shaping boards

YESTERDAY in Japan, Oregon, New Zealand

The Soul of Snowboarding Found, From Japan to New Zealand

Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin, and friends hit the open road with powder on the mind in new short film

Jungle by Filmmaker Morgan Maassen

Video: An "Unintentional Surf Film" by Morgan Maassen

Artistic cinematography, beautiful scenery, and absolute ripping by a dozen of surfing's most talented men and women

Right to Roam

Short Film: Right to Roam

Snowboarders Alex Yoder and Marie-France Roy explore the Scottish Highlands and the country-wide law giving private land access to the public

Twin Fin Fun with Torren Martyn in "Ocean Motion"

Video: Twin Fin Fun with Torren Martyn

A dreamy demonstration of pure style and speed at one of Indo's most legendary waves

Salvaged: An Experimental Surf Film

Video: Salvaged by Deus Ex Machina

30 minutes of longboarding in its purest, most stylish form, rendered entirely in black and white

Educating The Next Generation of Park Rangers

Video: Inside the Life of a National Park Ranger

How LA born and raised Ranger Jessica Rivas came to educate inner city youth in her adopted home of Yosemite

A Lifetime of Light With Artist James Turrell

Video: A Lifetime of Light With Artist James Turrell

The legendary artists discusses his lifelong interest in challenging visual and psychological perceptions

MAAP in Moab

Video: MAAP in Moab

The best brand identity in cycling shot in one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth

Earth: A Surf Film by Ben Weiland

EARTH: Surfing Iceland's Secret Wave

This new short film pushes the adventure of cold water surfing deeper into the icy unknown than ever before

Inside Snowboarder Austin Smith's Firetruck Dojo

Video: Inside Snowboarder Austin Smith's Firetruck Dojo

How this pro snowboarder forced himself to snowboard every day by building a micro home on wheels

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