A Lifetime of Light With Artist James Turrell

The legendary artists discusses his lifelong interest in challenging visual and psychological perceptions

Courtesy of your highly caffeinated and ever thankful editorial team at FM HQ

If you’re not familiar with the work of artist James Turrell, you really need to be. For over 40 years Turrell has experimented with light and space with large scale installations drawing on a lifetime of research in the field of human visual and psychological perception. The culmination of which exists in Roden Crater, an ongoing magnum opus set inside a literal volcanic crater in the Painted Desert of northeastern Arizona.

No, The Field is not pivoting to an arts publication, we’re simply drawn to the unique way in which Turrell often integrates the natural world into his works, and this new film by LACMA seemed the perfect opportunity to share our appreciation.

Turrell’s work challenges the way we see, think, and experience the word around us. See the man himself describe how and why he’s dedicated his life to light.

Published 05-26-2017