By now everyone knows Iceland is a magical land of modest, brightly painted homes, picturesque cliffs, striking waterfalls, black sand beaches peppered with glistening icebergs, etc. The cat’s out of the bag, as they say.

While Chris Burkard has seemingly single handedly (if you ask the masses) put cold water surfing on the map in recent years, that map usually depicts Norway’s Lofoten Archipelago and other icy sea shores well known at least within that particular niche community. Which is why EARTH, the new short film my Ben Weiland, is so rad—these surfers venture by snowmobile and tractor to a never before ridden waves in an unnamable valley across an otherwise impassable frozen fjord. This is new territory for all involved.

And just as you might expect, even when the surf gods don’t deliver, the scenery never disappoints.