Skiing Hokkaido With Japanese Outfitter Teton Bros

3 mins of insane powder skiing at full speed by stylish Polartec pro Baker Boyd and Teton Bros founder Nori Suzuki

Courtesy of your highly caffeinated and ever thankful editorial team at FM HQ

Yes, we know, it’s officially spring. But hey, it sure doesn’t feel like it everywhere right now. So, with winter still fresh in the mind we’re giving a bit of last second shine to our pals over at Polartec, who also spent some time skiing in Japan this past season. The above video, dubbed Aje, captures the thrill and sheer joy of skiing chin-deep Japow on both Hokkaido and the main island, with riding almost exclusively by pro skier Baker Boyd.


Baker Boyd skiing photography by Zach Maraziti


During the two week trip Boyd and the Polartec crew caught up with Teton Bros Founder Nori Suzuki, a fellow ripper, to enjoy all aspects of Japan's legendary ski culture. And unlike every other edit you’ll see from Japan, this year and next, Aje is shot and edited in real speed—no slow motion here, folks. (Don’t worry, our IG edit has all the slow-mo and weirdness you could ever want)

Start planning now. Japanuary 2019 is only 8 months away!

Published 03-28-2018