In the past we’ve shown you how a select few surf rivers in Montana. And now, how about some lake surfing, which may make either even more, and less sense. Wisconsin has been a hub for lake surfing since the late 1980s, as Lake Michigan is so big it might as well be an inland ocean. But the recent short film, “On Days Like These We Must Surf” by Jake Kovnat takes aim at a lesser known community of cold water surfers in the north, those in and around Ontario Canada.

Larry Cavero is a Peruvian transplant. A lifelong surfer and seemingly unending source of stoke, Larry has created a dedicated scene in the surrounding Toronto area, along with a few other South American transplants. These badass guys and gals don the thickest wetsuits available with hoods, booties and of course, gloves (or mittens), and brave the sometimes zero degree water (celsius). Icicles and all.

But really, the take away here is this: If they can get out there and make the most of a what is at best an unpleasant situation, and love it, then you can make it through the workweek, and maybe even find a bit of joy in the process.