Never Die Easy

This visually striking mini doc captures the illusive spirit of 76-year-old Dag Aabye, a ultramarathon champion living off-grid in rural British Columbia

Courtesy of your highly caffeinated and ever thankful editorial team at FM HQ

Directed by Adam Maruniak and Justin Pelletier, "Never Die Easy" is a short documentary film about Dag Aabye, a septuagenarian ultramarathon runner living off-grid in an abandoned school bus in the forest outside of Vernon, British Columbia. The visually striking film captures a glimpse at a mind and soul worth celebrating. Dag eschews age and lives without modern amenities, choosing to live his life building trails to run on, instead of staring at a screen. (He's also an underappreciated pioneer of freestyle skiing, but that's just a blip on this film's radar.)

“To me, there is no age. Age is something other people put on you. So I'm just gonna keep living the way I do. " - Dag Aabye

Sure, the the documentary is a bit heavy on the drone footage and short on true insight into who Dag really is and how he maintains an off-grid life in an exceptionally brutal landscape (interior BC is no joke). We would love to know more about this rare man of unexplained Scandinavian descent. But for us there's still much value in this short film—it's well worth ten minutes of your time.

So simply sit back and soak in the insight from a local legend and living proof that if you never stop moving, no one can get you down.

Published 11-28-2018