Moss: A Legacy of Japanese Snowsurfing

An inside look at the pioneers behind the beautiful, soulful approach to riding the white winter wave

With the Olympics close at hand and highlight reels of flips on flips and spins on spins cluttering social media at this very moment, it’s refreshing to see a thriving subculture within snowboarding far removed from the spin to win mentality. This is snowsurfing, the Japanese-led movement of riding the mountain like one long wave, where considered carves and fluid motion is the end all be all.

For nearly 50 years Moss has been at the forefront of snowsurfing, a vibe that’s just recently reached mainstream eyes in the past decade or so with many American brands introducing surf-inspired shapes and fellow Japanese snowsurfing pioneers Gentemstick leading the Western push.

“When you play in nature, you deepen your appreciation for your surroundings and the culture” - Japanese Snowsurf Godfather, Shinzo Tanuma

This mini-doc from Warp Wave dives into the history of the movement Moss helped build, and the creative minds behind it. Whether you’ve heard of snowsurfing or not, it’s worth a watch.

Moss: A Legacy of Japanese Snowsurfing

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