MAAP in Moab

The best brand identity in cycling shot in one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth

Courtesy of your highly caffeinated and ever thankful editorial team at FM HQ

late aughts trigger warning: Sleigh Bells ahead

Bike geeks and design nerds rejoice, MAAP is here. The Australian cycling apparel maker is giving Rapha a run for its money with fun yet refined color palettes, functional and graphic designs and an extremely strong general brand identity. In short, MAAP has great taste, plain and simple. And whether you’re a hardcore cyclist, daily commuter, or casual weekend peddler—or none of the above, really—we’re confident this new edit will put a smile on your face.

photography by Jeff Curtes

Shot in Moab, UT with a crew of riders from around the globe—including the UK, Dubai, Russia, Japan, Australia, USA—in weather that seemed to span all four seasons in just a few days, the edit is a case study in juxtaposition, placing a decisively modern activity like contemporary road cycling in one of the oldest, and most alien, landscapes on the planet.

So, pour yourself a fresh cup of joe—or crack a cold one, depending on when and where you’re viewing—and enjoy.

Published 05-19-2017