Sundial Studios' Pond Cabin Embraces Nature Outside NYC

This Quiet Family Cabin North of NYC Embraces Nature and Chases the Sun

A simple structure made to weather with age and offer access to nearby skiing, hiking, and climbing

Architectural Inspo: Finland's IKEA of Cabin Design

Arch Inspo: The IKEA of Cabin Design From Finland

Turnkey log construction cabin and sauna kits starting at just $18,000

Architectural Inspo: Wisconsin's Hidden Stacked Cabin

Arch Inspo: Wisconsin's Secret Stacked Cabin

The traditional open-plan cabin design gets flipped on its head

Inside Upstate New York's Livingston Manor Fly Fishing Club

The Century-Old Tradition of Fly Fishing Clubs Is Reborn

A new approach to the historically private club concept with connecting with community and nature at its core

Architectural Inspo: Skards√łya Seaside Cottage in Central Norway

Arch Inspo: Modest Seaside Cottage in Central Norway

Natural light and a reverence for the surrounding landscape define this minimalist escape

Architectural Inspo: Scandinavian Seaside Holiday Home

Arch Inpso: The Ultimate Scandinavian Seaside Holiday Home

Concrete, glass, and ash define this minimalist island cabin off the southern coast of Norway

Architectural Inspo: Hut on Sleds, New Zealand

The New Zealand Cabin Designed to Fight Climate Change

An off-grid cube of a cabin designed to be moved further up the beach as ocean levels rise

Architectural Inspo: Hood Canal Little House

Arch Inspo: Hood Canal Little House

This modern cabin among evergreens proves much can be done with just 1000 sq ft

Architectural Inspo: Case Inlet Retreat

Arch Inspo: Case Inlet Retreat

A contemporary PNW cabin designed to invite the outdoors in

Architectural Inspo: An Idyllic Oceanside Atrium Outside Oslo

Arch Inspo: An Idyllic Oceanside Atrium Outside Oslo

Four floors of oak, glass, and concrete wedged between dense vegetation and massive rocks on the shoreline

Architectural Inspo: Stormvillan Seaside Villa, Finland

Arch Inpso: A Nordic Seaside Villa With Russian Roots

A light and airy, spruce-paneled home set against the rugged Baltic Sea

Architectural Inspo: Hinterland Design Valdes Island Shack

Arch Inspo: The Ultimate Island Escape

A truly off grid retreat set on a remote island outside Vancouver, BC

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