In alpine architecture often the best source of inspiration is the site upon which the structure is to be placed. By looking to the surrounding environment and seasonal elements a designer can gather what will work best with, and not against, the location. History too, is always an excellent reference. For the Hafjell Mountain Cottage by Norwegian architecture firm PUSHAK, the low slung cabin finds its form inspired by the ages old farm buildings that occupy nearby lands, and draws on the elements for power.

Situated atop a knoll of sorts, the long, rectangular, three-bedroom cabin has an uninhibited view of the mountains to the west—many design references to the unending white horizon can be seen throughout the cottage. The exterior walls and roof are made of horizontal hard pine harvested locally, while the inside features a cast concrete fireplace and fixtures, and wax treated pine cladding and furniture.

Though stark and minimal by design, the modern cabin is a perfect example of Scandinavian design at its best, with a warm, and at times colorful, inviting interior offering just the right taste of modern comforts while maintaining a strong, barebones, cabin feel.