Architectural Inspo: Hut on Sleds, New Zealand

An off-grid cube of a cabin designed to be moved further up the beach as ocean levels rise


TF Editors

The Hut on Sleds, as Crosson Architects so rightfully call it, is a holiday home built just over two hours drive from Aukland on a site within a coastal erosion zone where all structures must be removable. As such, the hut’s defining characteristic (shape aside) is that it’s built on two thick wooden sleds that can be moved further inland, across the beach, or even onto a barge for relocation.

The unique, cube-like cabin was designed to get to the root of holiday living—modest, simple, functional—and finds its shape inspired by lifeguard towers common on beaches around the world. Measuring just 40 square meters, Hut on Sleds is designed to open and close according to use and weather—when all shutters are closed it’s essentially impregnable to the elements, and when open the two-story front shutter creates an awning and opens the space to invite nature in. The unpainted timber exterior draws further inspiration on archetypical wind and sand-blown timber-sided beach structures. All fittings are mechanical and exposed, giving the structure an industrial vibe that’s both inviting and informative.

Self sustainment was a goal of the homeowners, and is achieved as closely as possible with rain-catchment tanks, a composting waste system, solar panels.

Published 09-11-2017

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