The best architecture forms a relationship with the environment in which it’s erected. A structure designed simply to stand out will never last the test of time. But one created with the site in mind, and with a function and form that is distinct yet unobtrusive—this is the sweet spot.

Situated atop a small rock knoll in the southern Sweden town of Kyrkesund, just an hour north of the creative hotbed that is Gothenburg, stands this contemporary vacation home by architect Mattia Gunneflo. Little is available about the structure, and the architect that designed it, however from what we can find the modest structure was commissioned by a couple looking for a weekend refuge where one can enjoy the natural surroundings from every vantage.

As such, the creative floor plan features open spaces with windows and sliding doors, allowing occupants to take in the views, while also gathering around the multi-level fireplace. The concept is primitive, and execution contemporary. The architect relied heavily on wood as a supremely pliable source for connecting with the rock build site, inspired by the work of Norwegian architect Wenche Selmer.

Something to strive towards, that’s for sure.