As we roll into year three (!) of highlighting our favorite cabins from around the world a couple things have become apparent. Namely, that you out there in internet land love the idea of affordable prefab cabins, and Scandinavian design. If you’re reading this and nodding, then today’s find is right up your alley. Pluspuu is a Finnish design and build operation offering 11 high-quality log cabin and sauna kits starting at just $18,000.

Traditional log cabins look great and can last forever, but they can also crack and creak and settle in off ways that, if not handled properly, can greatly reduce their longevity. To counter this Pluspuu works exclusively with the latest Finnish log construction technologies—like non-settling lamellas logs and cross-laminated timber (CLT) panels— to create long-lasting structures in spruce and pine. The use of non-settling logs allows for more modern architectural solutions, like massive windows and low angle corners.

While Pluspuu offers 11 different models, the natural light filled Iniö cabin and Luoto Saunat combined cabin and sauna design are two standouts we’re most drawn to. Iniö features floor-to-ceiling windows, high ceilings, and a modest terrace. Luoto Sauna is equally modest in square footage, and available in seven different layouts, each incorporating a single room for living quarters, a covered outdoor walkway, and a sauna with wood burning stove.

Got an extra few feet of land? This is your answer to the question of what to do with it.