It's the first day of fall. But eff it, we're not ready to give up the posi summer vibes. So for this week’s bout of architectural inspiration, we're heading to the soon-to-be-frigid country of Norway to highlight a stunning island retreat designed to seamlessly integrate with its natural surroundings.

Located on one of many small islands that dot the south coast of Norway, some 300 km from Oslo and a brief ferry ride from Denmark’s northern tip, Cabin Lyngholmen by Oslo-based architecture and urban design firm Lund Hagem is a low-lying structure built directly into the rocky landscape it sits on. Similar to Lund Hagem’s nearby Atrium Cabin, which we previously featured (to much popularity), this cabin is defined by its unique white concrete roof—a concrete form that'd make even Eero Saarinen proud—designed to connect the structure to the ground, providing a bridge to walk on, and a canopy to lounge under.

Easily missed with the blink of an eye, yet capable of holding a gaze near endlessly when noticed, the hyper minimalist structure relies exclusively on three materials—concrete, glass, and ash. The muted color palette further allows the single story cabin to integrate into the austere landscape. Its modest 100 sqm footprint certainly helps too.

When we dream of an island escape, it’s this.