A 100-sq-ft Micro Cabin Built for $10,500 in Just 2 Weeks

A two-story tiny house designed to maximize natural light and encourage a life lived largely outside among the natural world

A 100-sq-ft Micro Cabin Built for $10,500 in Just 2 Weeks


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Robin Falck


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Anyone else find themselves drifting off to "if I only owned a cabin" dreamland more and more lately? It's hard not to imagine a better life with an accessible escape. Maybe there's a Good Dog or two in this dream, with big dumb grins, equally excited to be out of the city and among the trees for night or two. If only.

On the bright side, this clever micro cabin design from Finnish designer Robin Falck—known best for his Nolla A-Frame design—brings the dream closer to reality. His first attempt at building the building back in 2010 took just over two weeks with a budget of around $10,500. Now you can buy the plans and give it a go for yourself for €250 (roughly $275 USD).


Designed with the intention of maximizing natural light and livable space within a hyper compact footprint, the sub-100-square-foot cabin features a modest living space with micro-kitchen and an elevated sleeping loft that fits a full size bed. A sizable deck more than triples the living space, encouraging guests to extend their outside time.

The interior is largely lit by natural light, thanks to the size and angle of the off-grid cabin’s primary window—like a windshield and sunroof all in one. Light, untreated wood further illuminates the cabin, keeping the vibe light and buoyant in a situation that could otherwise easily become claustrophobic.


All materials for the original build were either recycled or purchased locally, and hauled in by hand, to reduce the environmental impact.

If the DIY approach insn't for you, you can always just rent a rad A-Frame and tell your IG followers you own it ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Published 09-12-2019

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