Manta North Makes Buying a Prefab Cabin Fun & Easy Online

With a few simple clicks—and a substantial bank account—you too can own a modern prefabricated vacation home in a matter of minutes

Manta North Makes Buying a Prefab Cabin Fun & Easy Online


Ellen Eberhardt

Pennsylvania raised and Brooklyn-based, Ellen is a designer, outdoorist, and sometimes dancer.

The day has officially arrived. You can now order a ready-to-live-in prefab house online in the same fashion you would a Domino's pizza-complete with custom topings and even an ETA.

In response to travel restrictions and limited in-person interactions due to the pandemic, modular homemaker Manta North has revamped their business model and accompanying website to make ordering a prefabricated cabin as easy as any online shopping experience-though the price tag may be a bit steeper.

Plan A-Natural Kitchen

Plan B-Dark Grey Kitchen

A typical Manta North cabin finds a similar form to other prefab cabin manufacturers Field Mag has covered in the past-Modular Dwelling, Backcountry Hut Company, and Aux Box come to mind-but while certainly aesthetically pleasing, Manta North's innovation lies within the ease of procurement (if you have the means).

Upon arriving at the website, simply choose one of two basic skeletons (Ray, a rigorous box-like structure, or Slope, a visually softer design with a gabled roof) and get to work choosing your floorplan, interior and exterior materials, and optional upgrades with a few simple clicks.

Once ordered, within a couple of months, your cabin is delivered on-site via semi truck and can be live-in ready by the end of the day, according to the brand’s Instagram stories.

Plan B Floor Plan

Similar to other prefab companies, Manta North is grounded in an ethos of environmental-stewardship as well. With radiant floor heating, a CLT structure, air circulation systems, and thermal performance up to a Passive House Standard, the cabins are designed to perform efficiently in a variety of climates.

Ray Cabin-Solar Mode

Although everything is easier said than done, this is perhaps the most straightforward, simple, and admittedly fun online tool we’ve seen for ordering a prefab home right to your door, err plot of land. It does come with a hefty price tag though—base models start at $169,000 with solar options and other add ons quickly adding up.

For now the company does not deliver to the United States but Manta North says it best themselves: “Buying a prefab house online is the new reality of modern living.” So keep an eye on this one. And keep daydreaming in the meantime.

Slope Cabin-Natural Timber Exterior

Published 02-09-2021