6 Great Cabin Rentals in New York's Adirondack Mountains

Escape to the mountains for a rejuvenating, socially distanced weekend getaway among some of the most beautiful terrain in upstate New York

6 Great Cabin Rentals in New York's Adirondack Mountains


Breanna Wilson

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*As each state and county across America continues to approach re-opening differently, be mindful that traveling right now increases your risk and the risk of those around you. So, please, use your noggin and observe local COVID-19 restrictions, stock up on supplies and fuel close to home, wash your hands, WEAR A MASK, and practice social distancing with locals. Your safest bet: bookmark this article for 2021.

Even before social distancing was required, we welcomed an off-the-grid kind of adventure. No people. No email. No news. Just us and Mother Nature.

North of New York City, the Hudson Valley, and the Catskills, the Adirondack mountains are a perfect place for just that type of escape. Charming small towns. Friendly locals. And by far the most beautiful natural landscapes in New York State—and some of the better in the Northeast United States as a whole (shout out all the angry Mainers reading this).

Oh, and some seriously spot-on cabins too, of course. Below are our six picks of the best Airbnb rentals in the Adirondack region.

Upper Jay, NY — Warner's Camp Cabin

Vibe: That Good, Good Kind of Cabin in the Woods

A riverside 1800s guesthouse turned modern cabin in the woods? Say less. This cabin was modernized without losing its charm, thanks to owners who kept the original exposed beams and hardwood floors, added a wood-burning stove, and seamlessly updated the décor to give off all the right hunting-chic vibes. This place isn’t just easy on the eyes though, it’s easy on the soul and body as well—the beautiful cedar barrel-built sauna out back is perfect for sweating out all the bad energy you’ve been holding onto these last few months. A short drive to both Whiteface Ski Resort and Lake Placid there's no shortage of outdoor activities to partake in as well.

Rate: $239/night

Taberg, NY — Thoreau Cabin

Vibe: Throughly Thoreau

A one-bedroom cabin inspirational enough to write something like Walden? Yep, that pretty much sums this cozy cabin up. With a handcrafted river rock fireplace to warm your toes and keep you comfortable and all the fresh country air you can handle to clear your mind and soul, you never know what you’ll be inspired to write out here – just don’t forget to bring your own notebook and pen.

Rate: $89/night

Remsen, NY — Evergreen A-Frame Cabin

Vibe: One S’more Night

A peaceful escape that involves sleeping under the stars? Sign us up. A peaceful escape that involves sleeping under the stars in a motorized roll-out kingw-size bed? Take all our money. While our love for sleeping bags and mattress pads runs deep, it doesn’t quite run deep enough to choose sleeping on the ground over sleeping on a comfortable, plush mattress (adulting, amiright?). This Evergreen A-Frame sleeps four adults comfortably and has a fire pit ideal for making s’mores, which I think we can all agree is the perfect pre-stargazing snack.

Rate: $220/night

North Creek, NY — Tiny Cabin

Vibe: Tiny Timber, Big World

There’s nothing particularly fancy about this setup – but what did you expect from a tiny timber cabin not much larger than that 2-person tent that’s collecting dust in your closet? Really putting the tiny in Tiny Cabin (try not to get lost in its 10x12’ vastness) and surrounded by 200 acres of New York’s finest woodland, this humble little abode will make you step back and note the great big world around it.

Rate: $93/night

Schroon Lake, NY — Rocky Cabin

Vibe: Babbling Brook Bliss

With 38,000 acres of public lands and hiking trails nearby this cabin to explore at will, take a few inhales of your new pine-scented surroundings and ease back into your long-missed favorite state of being – the one where you’re at peace with the world. This cabin, a spacious and cozy mountain home with hints of modern updates throughout (wifi for WFH), is a place where nights are best spent stargazing from the above ground deck and days are best spent dipping into the brook just downhill – there’s no denying the therapeutic surroundings of water and forest. For daytime activities, spend time lakeside and rent some kayaks at nearby Schroon Lake or Lake George.

Rate: $129/night

Saratoga Springs, NY — Rustic Cabin

Vibe: The Forest is The Church

Consider the forest the church and this cabin our place of worship. With enough space to comfortably accommodate two, the pièce de résistance of this secluded sanctuary is the intricate stained-glass window in the living room glorious enough to convert any non-believer who enters this completely off-grid cabin. Even the products (biodegradable bath products and organic coffee) and amenities (compost outhouse) are eco-conscious as to not disturb the spirituality out here. A mere 30min to the Vermont border, explore two states for the price of one.

Rate: $166/night

Published 07-13-2020