Educating The Next Generation of Park Rangers

How LA born and raised Ranger Jessica Rivas came to educate inner city youth in her adopted home of Yosemite

The National Parks are America’s greatest natural treasure. The ability to introduce the great outdoors to so many is invaluable. To celebrate the everyday men and women working hard to protect and preserve our National Parks, Parks Project has created a new video series called “Park Champions." The first in the inspiring series focuses on Ranger Jessica Rivas of Yosemite National Park.

Rivas grew up in LA with no exposure to the National Park system. Yet a recently discovered passion for the parks, and the outdoors in general, she now dedicated her time and energy to educating the next generation through inner city youth programs within Yosemite.

It’s a beautiful, and important story. So take a few minutes and dive in.

learn more about Ranger Jessica Rivas here. And about Parks Project, a philanthropically minded brand funding park conservancies with every project sold, here

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