Architectural Inspo: London Writer's Shed

A surreal, single room retreat inside city limits

As outdoor loving city dwellers, the importance of leaving town from time to time for quality R&R cannot be understated. Though a private country house or alpine cabin may be the dream, reality often sets tighter constraints on our actual ability to make frequent rural escapes. So in NYC, we make do with rooftop gardens and shared outdoor spaces. In London, one particularly creative fellow had an even brighter idea for such times when quiet concentration is needed and getting out of the city isn't in the cards. The Writer's Shed by London-based architecture & design studio Surman Weston is a backyard retreat inspired by the client's love of children’s literature and mythology.

The single room shed is modest for sure, but grand in it's ability to inspire—or so we assume. At the very least, it's damn sharp looking. The slated wood and cedar shake exterior makes use of naturally weather resistant wood, while a north-facing skylight allows the space to be flooded with sunlight a majority of the day. A wood-burning stove ups the level of quaintness, and floor to ceiling bookshelves remind the client why he's there.

All in all, this may just be the best damn backyard wood shed we've ever seen. For more creative projects of this nature keep an eye on the young design shop Surman Weston.

images by Wai Ming Ng

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