Muir Song: A Visual Tribute To the PNW

John Muir + PNW camping and adventure footage = good

Released this past week on 21 April to mark what would have been the 178th birthday of John Muir (1838 - 1914), Muir Song is a visual tribute to America’s most famed and exalted naturalist. Narrated in memorable fashion by celebrated alpinist Lou Whittaker using the a single, deeply inspiring quote by Muir himself, the short film runs wild through the Pacific Northwest’s most rugged and naturally beautiful terrain. Directed by Janssen Powers of Powercity Films, and shot in Ultra HD on a Red Scarlet Dragon, the short takes a unique perspective on some of the PNW’s most iconic natural monuments, including Mt. Rainier, which Muir succeeded in making a national park in 1899.

Most videos of this type try too damn hard to be inspirational, and thus create a characiture in the place of authenticity. Muir Song on the other hand—created as a love letter (w/o declared brand sponsorship) to the PNW—simply is.

visit Powercity Films to view more work by Janssen Powers

"The Internet is calling and I must go" - John Muir
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