In 2000 The North Face introduced Summit Series as the pinnicle of design and tech. The line lasted through 2013, then disapeared. Late last month the iconic outdoor outfitter announced the line's return—in greatly refined fashion—and today we see it hit shelves. In 2013 the line consisted of over 90 styles. For 2015, we see just eight total silloutes, each with a male/female specific style.

The multi-layer collection is designed to work as a modular system—when worn head to toe (an effort that would run you a staggering $2700) you'll be fit to climb Meru, just like Conrad Anker and Renan Ozturk. Regardless of whether or not any of those three names rings a bell, the take-away here is that this gear is as good as it gets, with each piece featuring the highest quality fabrics, construction techniques and ergonomic cuts. (The L5 shell pant and jacket are each cut and fused together from a single piece of highly waterproof DryVent 3-layer fabric, for example.) Though with such caliber comes an equally high price. Go figure.

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