Representation in the outdoors is hugely important. And severely lacking. One of the absolute easiest ways to help change this is to follow and support Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) athletes, advocates, artists, and general enthusiasts within the outdoor space.

The detriments of a homogenous outdoor culture are clear. A lack of visibility can lead to a lack of understanding of and empathy for different people and different cultures. This rings true for the company you keep, the media you consume, and the accounts you follow on social. Exclusively showing white people (usually white men) participating in outdoor activities promotes a false narrative of what a competent “outdoorsman” looks like, while also perpetuating stigmas in underrepresented communities that nature is not for them.

On the other hand, seeing people of different backgrounds enjoy the same activities that you identify with can help erode implicit biases and strengthen a sense of community through shared interest. It also, hopefully, invites you to see “your” sport from an alternate perspective.

To help all nature-lovers identify more athletes and adventurers of color to follow and support on social media we've crowd sourced the following list of influential outdoorists, which is updated seasonally.

The following are 100+ BIPOC artists, adventurers, campers, climbers, cyclists, hikers, and other notable outdoor lovers to follow right now. Curated by Field Mag editors, contributors, and Luisa Jeffery aka @youdidnotsleepthere.

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