6 Best Ultralight Vacuum Insulated Bottles for Everyday Use

Keep your water cold and your coffee hot with these design-driven, lightweight steel and titanium double wall bottles

6 Best Ultralight Vacuum Insulated Bottles for Everyday Use


Bob Myaing

Bob Myaing is a Philadelphia-based mountain biker, climber, and writer with an unhealthy gear obsession.

If you’re like us (see: human) you probably like a cool, if not icey cold sip of water before, during, and after your favorite outdoor activity. Or maybe you prefer a piping hot cup of java—or herbal tea—as a midway pick-me-up? Either way, when you want to keep your fluid of choice at optimal temperatures for long periods of time, there's no better friend than a vacuum insulated bottle.

The tech is pretty simple: inside the bottle your beverage is held in a bottle-within-a-bottle. The negative space between the layers of stainless steel, aluminum, or even titanium, creates a barrier between the outside world and your drink. Compared to their uninsulated cousins, vacuum bottles tend to weigh a bit more due to the extra material needed for the interior bottle. But that's changing, thanks to material, tech, and well, material tech.

Though there aren't many trustworthy options on the market just yet—especially in terms of titanium—the following are our top picks of gram saving vacuum bottles. Less bottle weight means more pack room for GORP!

Hydro Flask Ultralight Titanium 21oz

Hydro Flask Ultralight Titanium Trail Series

One of the most ubiquitous—and highest quality—insulated bottle makers, Hydro Flask, recently found a way to shed an impressive 35% of weight off their standard 21 oz bottle using precision engineering and high quality titanium—making this Hydro Flask's first ever titanium product and the lightest vacuum insulated bottle of this size on the market—and the best value. The Lightweight Trail Series is also available in lightweight steel 24oz and 32oz sizes.

Capacity: 21oz
Weight: 227g
Price: $99 SHOP NOW

Snow Peak 350ml Kanpai

Snow Peak Titanium Kanpai

The titanium Kanpai bottle from Japan’s luxe outdoor lifestyle brand Snow Peak is a superb lightweight option for everyday use. The 165g wonder comes packaged with three lids: one for sipping, a hot lid, and cold lid that is especially effective when stored in the freezer prior to use. With the cold lid in place, a 12oz can fits perfectly inside-a very nice touch. (Kawaii option: we adore the new Tsuzumi Bottle and it’s a bit more budget-friendly.)

Capacity: 12oz
Weight: 165g
Price: $160 SHOP NOW

Stanley 14oz Titanium Travel Mug

Stanley Titanium Travel Bottle

The OG Seattle-based maker of double wall insulated bottles recently released a 3-piece line of Titanium drinkware, and the largest of the line, this 14oz traveler, is 40% lighter than the standard stainless steel version. With the hefty price tag comes a lifetime warranty from an iconic brand that has been perfecting vacuum insulated technology since 1913.

Capacity: 14oz
Weight: 210g
Price: $100 SHOP NOW

Ti22 Via 800ml

Ti22 Therma 450

The titanium bottles from little-known maker Ti22 (pop quiz: 22 is the atomic number of Titanium) look promising by the numbers alone, even if info on the brand is hard to come by. Their 450ml vacuum insulated bottle weighs in at 290g, lid and all, while their single wall Via 800ml lands at just 155g. Super light with minimal design, we’re into it.

Capacity: 16oz
Weight: 290g
Price: $180 SHOP NOW

GSI MicroLite 1000 Twist 350ml

GSI Outdoors MicroLite 1000

The outdoor kitchen experts at GSI combine high quality stainless steel and super thin 2mm vacuums to create a whole series of lightweight bottles from 350ml all the way up to a full liter with plenty of colors to choose from. Pretty impressive.

Capacity: 33oz
Weight: 368g
Price: $35 SHOP NOW

S'well x Parley 17oz Bottle

S'well Silver Lining Bottle

Our most affordable option still only weighs 313g, which actually makes it the best cost-to-weight value on the list. We also happen to like the understated stealth look of the sleek silver bottle.

Capacity: 17oz
Weight: 313g
Price: $32 SHOP NOW

Published 09-09-2020