Hydro Flask Launches 21oz Vacuum Insulated Titanium Bottle

A surprising innovation from the leader in insulated drinking vessels makes this 21-ouncer the lightest on the market

Hydro Flask Launches 21oz Vacuum Insulated Titanium Bottle


Gabi Stadulis


Hydro Flask

Gabi is a Portland, OR-based designer and whitewater woman from Richmond, VA.

Lugging your high-volume, sticker-clad, and quite frankly, obnoxiously colored, Hydro Flask water bottle that seems to weigh 10 pounds when full often seems only bearable when you are, say, heading to your neighborhood park to read a book, or in the car on a road trip. But backpacking? Hiking? Literally doing any activity where weight of your gear is a major consideration? Forget it. Until now.

The Bend, OR-based makers of arguably the best quality vacuum-sealed bottles have, at long last, provided a solution: The 21 oz Titanium Standard Mouth Trail Series water bottle.


There's nothing better than taking a refreshing gulp of ice-cold water on a hot day's hike, yet many of us still opt for the less-than-satisfying slug of hot water from a Nalgene in order to keep pack weight down. Don't get me wrong, we do stan a Nalgene, but with the new Hydro Flask titanium bottle weighing in at 8oz—just 1.8oz more than the standard siingle wall Nalgane—leaving behind your old polyethylene friend for adventures in variable temperatures is now a no-brainer.

The sleek, brushed titanium bottle does more than just keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold; it cut an impressive 35% of weight off their standard 21 oz bottle. A bottle you could actually, comfortably take into the backcountry. A bottle we wish we had on this bikepacking trip.

How do they do it you ask? By using precision engineering and high quality titanium—making this bottle the brand's first ever titanium product and the lightest vacuum-sealed bottle of its size on the market. If all that sounds great, but you're not keen on springing for the $99 pricetag, check out the lightweight stainless steel Trail Series—half the price, still 25% lighter than standard Hydro Flask vessels, and available 24oz and 32oz sizes.



Published 08-28-2020