Stanley Introduces Titanium Vacuum Insulated Drinkware

Three new ultralight designs for home, camp, and travel from the original maker of double wall vacuum insulated bottles

Stanley Introduces Titanium Vacuum Insulated Drinkware


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Courtesy of your highly caffeinated and ever thankful editorial team at FM HQ

When it comes to coffee we don’t mess around. And when it comes to camping, we do, but take our messing around seriously. The perfect overlap between the two comes in the form of the modest camp mug, capable of making any cup of coffee or nightcap even more enjoyable. As one might expect from a bunch of aesthete gear hoarders (this writer included) we’re partial to titanium when it comes to outdoor gear, and the new TiVac Collection from the first to patent vacuum insulation, Stanley, does not disappoint.

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Including a 10oz Multi-Cup, 12oz Camp Mug, and 14oz Travel Mug, the three-piece collection—launched this week exclusively at REI—brings weight down 40% from industry-standard stainless steel versions of each and includes two new brushed colorways.

The Seattle-based design team did a bang-up job with the minimalist designs, improving functionality while reducing weight, increasing handfeel and visual aptitude while maintaining a rugged aesthetic. Such innovation does come at a price—the collection ranges from $80 to $100 retail.



The Titanium Camp Mug is clearly our top pick, with the Multi-Cup coming in close second. Use case for the former is clear, while the later pulls double-duty as both an ergonomic drinking vessel and an insulated koozie for cold ones. Yes, that’s an $80 koozie. And yes, the camp cup is twice the price of our go-to Snow Peak 450 mug, and 2oz heavier. But hey, Stanley has been making double wall vacuum insulated vessels since 1913 and stands by their products with a lifetime warranty.

We like to preach the “buy less, invest” perspective here at Field Mag (or better yet, buy used). This kit most certainly applies. Isn’t aspirational camp gear fun?!


Published 09-09-2020