The 6 Best Pull-On Boots for Winter (That Aren't Blundstones)

A survey of better crafted, more durable slip-on boots for men & women, because everyone you know already has a pair of Blunnie 550s

The 6 Best Pull-On Boots for Winter (That Aren't Blundstones)


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At this point, if you don't already own a pair of Blundstones, are you even an outdoorist? Or a fashion cool kid? Or just, like, a person that likes convenience and hates wet feet? The iconic Australian work boot is everywhere. And for good reason. They slide on easy, protect against the elements, and look damn fine with just about any outfit. But they're everywhere. The secret is well out.

After losing a single Blunnie in a ski hill parking lot last winer (don't ask, I have no idea how it happened either), I decided to expand my horizons and search out an alternative all-purpose pull-on boot. Lucky for you, I'm willing to share my findings.

The following list of the best Blundstone boot alternatives covers all the basis, from Chelsea boot suitable for city life to heavy duty, job-site approved work boots, from handmade in Australia to designed in Oregon, and so on. Forget the Original 500 vs Super 550 debate. Ditch the Blundstone. Be your own person and embrace a better pull-on boot this season.

Rossi 303 Endura Clara

Best Upgrade: Rossi 303 Endura

The best alternative on the list is no doubt the Rossi Endura. Hell, it's even an upgrade. Like Bludstone, Rossi is an Australian staple. But unlike Blundstone, each Rossi boot is still made in Oz. With thicker leather, an air-cushioned sole, and a hefty leather rear pull tab that won't tear off, this boot won my search by a mile. Just be sure to triple check your correect size, as Aussie sizing is unisex, from what we can gather.
Price: $145 SHOP NOW

Keen Anchorage III Boot

Most Utilitarian: Keen Anchorage III

Keen makes shoes that are so ugly they are cool. And the utilitarian Anchorage Boot III is just that. The third iteration of the slip-on boot now features waterproof suede, a sizable outsole designed for snow and wet terrain, and Keen's signature rubber toe cap for added protection. Gotta love a design that's at home on feet of aging hippies at the local organic co-op grocery, art school kids in NYC, and fashion interns in LA alike.
Price: $150 SHOP NOW

Danner Pub Garden Chelsea

Most Stylish: Danner Pub Garden Chelsea

It's no secret we're Danner fans around here. Though our allegiance has long centered around the made in USA stitch-down Danner Light and other classic designs of the like. That said, the new Pub Garden Chelsea is seriously cool. With an ultra-sleek all-black style, rugged lightweight outsole, leather upper with leather pull tabs, and all around waterproof construction, this all-purpose boot is an attractive choice for daily wear, in the city and out.
Price: $180 SHOP NOW

Bogs Tillamook Bay

Best Low Top: Bogs Tillamook Bay

When you need to trudge around in the mud, sand, snow, whatever, there's no better boot than a classic muck boot. This semi-low top iteration by Oregon-based Bogs is a real looker—but don't worry, it's functional AF too. Built of durable hand-lasted rubber with a four-way stretch inner bootie and antimicrobial insole, on top of a rugged non-slip outsole, this waterproof clam digger is a welcomed addition to the list. Be warned tho, it's heavy. Like, 3.64 lbs a pair, heavy. But for me, that's just icing on the weird shoe cake. (PS - Bogs also makes a waterproof leather Chelsea Boot that's worth mentioning, too, since that's probably why you're here.)
Price: $110 SHOP NOW

Xtratuf 6" Ankle Deck Boot

Most Functional: Xtratuf 6" Ankle Deck Boot

Texans have cowboy hats, Hawaiians have flip flops, Mainers have Bean Boots, and Alaskans have Xtratufs. The waterproof, flexible, and durable 6" Ankle Deck Boot is a more wearable version of the brand's original knee-high boot first introduced in Alaska some 50 years ago. Nowadays, the rugged rubber boot is a cultural signifier you know what's up—from surfers in Oregon to commuters in Seattle and anglers in Anchorage, this no-slip boot is a trusted workhorse for those who battle wet weather on the regular.
Price: $95 SHOP NOW


Best Pull-On Work Boot: CAT 6" Stormers Boot

When you need to trudge around in the mud, sand, snow, whatever, there's no better boot than a classic muck boot. The unisex 6" Stormers Work Boot improves on the basic design with a more rugged outsole, reinforced vulcanized rubber upper, and soft neoprene lining. Plus it's job-site approved—rated to protect against open circuits up to 600 volts. Caterpillar makes some of the world's most hardworking machinery. And now they make badass boots too.
Price: $115 $95 SHOP NOW

Published 10-12-2020