On Patagonia, Film Photography, and the Beauty of the Unknown

Why Patagonia and Film Photography Make the Perfect Pair

A journey to the end of the Earth reveals breathtaking alpine views and reflections on the value of optimism in the face of uncertainty

This Striking Black Cabin in Patagonia Offers Refuge Across All Seasons

This Striking Black Cabin in Patagonia Offers Refuge Across All Seasons

Natural materials and prefab construction make this remote structure durable and adaptive

Book Report: Eldorado Volume One

Book Report: Eldorado Volume One

Spanish design studio Folch brings outdoor story telling from digital to print

10,000km Across Patagonia in a Pickup Truck

Film Photography From a 10,000km Road Trip Across Patagonia

A father and son hit the road south from Santiago to Tierra Del Fuego and back through Argentina again

South America at Elevation

Photo Essay: Seeing South America at Elevation

A glimpse of the incredible terrain, people, and wildlife of remote Argentina, Chile, and Bolivia

Views From a North American Passage

Photo Essay: Views From a North American Passage

8 states, 5 provinces, and 7500 miles traveled as one photographer aims to escape the rhythm of daily life

Between Here and There: Patagonia's Torres Del Paine

Photo Essay: Exploring Patagonia, A Land In-Between

An unbelievably raw and powerful landscape captured in full form on 35mm film

Solo Bikepacking Chile's 1240 Kilometer Route 7

Photo Essay: Solo Bikepacking Chile's Most Isolated Road

One man's effort to document Patagonia's rapidly changing Carretera Austral road as eager developers aim to tame the world famous wilderness

50 Days Aboard an Antarctic Icebreaker

Photo Essay: Life Aboard an Antarctic Icebreaker

Documenting a 50 day research station supply mission with the Chilean Navy

Douglas Tompkins: Wild Legacy

The Life and Times of Doug Tompkins

A heartwarming, insightful, and deeply inspiring film on the late founder of The North Face

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