Photographer:Matthew Wright
Camera:Leica R3, Hasselblad 500C/M
Film:120mm and 35mm Ektar 100, 35mm Ilford FP4

Four Weeks Exploring Australia and Tasmania

How one photographer captured the striking landscapes with an artful eye and a range of film formats

Every so often there comes a time when you just need to take a break—from work, home, the daily routine, and all things familiar. With a large stretch of vacation time saved up over the holiday season, our only thought was to go someplace we had never been. And with the threat of a cold New England winter returning at any moment, the Southern Hemisphere sounded particularly alluring. So, it seemed as good a time as any to head to the land Down Under.

"With nothing but camping gear, surfboards, and a map, we found what we were looking for."

With four weeks of free time on our side, we aimed to get past the veneer of a continent characterized Stateside by crocodile hunters and bloomin' onions. 

We started at the southern tip of Tasmania, in Hobart and Tasman National Park, before flying north to Brisbane and renting a car for the long coastal road trip south to Melbourne. We wanted wild landscapes and exotic wildlife. With nothing but camping gear, surfboards, and a map, we found what we were looking for.

Matthew Wright is a Maine-based photographer. See more of his work here

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