Since 1944 Smokey Bear has been the beloved mascot of the U.S. Forest Service. Clad in belted blue jeans and a ranger hat, and armed with a shovel, the iconic character has been encouraging youth and adults alike to help prevent wildfires for 75 years. To celebrate this feat, Seattle-based outfitter Filson has released a limited-edition collection of apparel and products emblazoned with Smokey’s likeness.

And it might just be my inner 10-year-old speaking, but boy do I need each and every piece.

This isn’t the first time Filson has released official Smokey memorabilia—their ongoing partnership with the U.S. Forest Service officially in 2016—but it may be the best collection yet. Highlights for us include the Smokey Bear Blanket, made in Oregon by Pendleton Woolen Mills, the allover print Smokey Bear Camp Shirt, a few illustrated T-Shirts, and made in USA hoodie. Each charms in its own way.

But it’s the Smokey Bear 75th anniversary accessories that might be our favorite. The simple Smokey patch is too good to pass up. The Nalgene is totally unnecessary but at $20, very impulse-buyable. And the Smokey Bear Mug, made in Minnesota by legendary Red Wing Stoneware & Pottery? Yeah, that’s currently in my shopping cart too. Sipping joe with old Smokey each morning sounds like a nice way to start the day, doesn’t it?

In addition to commemorating Smokey Bear, Filson’s “Protectors of the Forest” campaign honors all men and women caring for the land in an effort to prevent wildfires, whether through the U.S.F.S., the National Forest Foundation, or another partner. A thoroughly entertaining and insightful “Protectors” microsite is now up too, featuring informative articles and profiles, stunning photo stories, and various facts and calls to action—how to become a wildland firefighter, what it takes to be smoke jumper, the science behind fighting fires, the history of Smokey, and much more. Definitly worth a diversion from your work schedule, if you ask me.

The entire collection is now available, so get in on the action now, before it sells out, like the last collection did.