For over 120 years Seattle’s Filson has been outfitting outdoor enthusiasts around the globe. The iconic brand has long been associated with workwear, but for the most part their purpose-built apparel has simply been repurposed as such. With today’s debut of the CCF Workwear line, they can officially claim to outfit the loggers, linemen, and construction crews with which the brand has long been aspirationally aligned.

Now you may be wondering, what does workwear have to do with the outdoors? Well, if you have a sharp eye, you may have noticed workwear trending hard of recent. And even if not, the parallels are obvious—outdoor enthusiasts and blue collar workers alike need rugged, dependable gear to get them through the day and home safely.

Patagonia introduced their take on workwear in 2017, with other industry players hot on their heels. Plus we’ve had the opportunity to see this new collection first hand multiple times over the past couple months, and have been eagerly awaiting the release. It’s that good, IRL.

The CCF collection covering all the basics—from duck canvas bibs and vests to waffle-lined hoodies and double-front trousers—with a tagline that says it all, “Not fancy. Just made to work.” And the prices actually reflect this mentality (all but one piece come in at $150 or below). Most styles are made in Canada, utilizing trusted materials like tight woven duck canvas with heavy-duty construction techniques like triple-stitching and rivets.

Highlights for us include the Work Vest, Work Bibs, and Utility Pants, as well as the soon-to-drop Pullover Hoodie and Crew-Neck Sweatshirt. The Utility Jacket is definitely badass too.

Whether you’re out building trails, doing maintenance around the house, swinging a hammer for a living, or simply after for some gear that’ll take a beating without fail, the CCF Workwear line is worth looking into.