The Classic A-Frame Cabin Gets Reinterpreted in Rural Quebec

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Jack Jérôme, Ronny Lebrun

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The Classic A-Frame Cabin Gets Reinterpreted in Rural Quebec

A clever take on the iconic triangular design adds massive windows and outdoor living space to invite nature inside

The Classic A-Frame Cabin Gets Reinterpreted in Rural Quebec


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Jack Jérôme, Ronny Lebrun

Set on the edge of Poisson Blanc Regional Park in rural Quebec—an hour or so North of Ottawa and double that from Montreal—the La Pointe cabin by design firm l’abri is just about as good as it gets. Assuming what you’re after is a contemporary micro cabin inspired by the iconic A-Frames of decades past.

It’s well reported we love a classic A-Frame. Same goes for a well-designed micro cabin. Both have been mainstays on our weekly architectural inspiration feature since day one. Given how many iterations we’ve seen over the years it’s always a pleasant surprise to see something totally new, which is what makes La Pointe so fun and interesting. It’s purposefully simple—sculptural even—and designed to embrace nature in and out.


By restricting the interior living space to one side of the conventional A design, the designers have freed up the remaining footprint to be used as a covered outdoor space for use year round. Sizable windows and a raw fir plywood interior further invite the outdoors in, creating a light and bright space for analog moments away from city life.

Other interior highlights include a lofted bed, suspended hammock chair (though the practicality vs getting-in-the-way-ness of this chair is debatable), wood-fired stove, and a table that turns into a bed. Outside we see additional wood storage in the lower corners of the A shape, utilizing otherwise dead space, and a translucent polycarbonate roof that further embraces natural light.


Consider this clever design just one more example of just how much you can really do with a modest plot of land and a bit of design ingenuity.

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