For literally decades I dreamed of snowboarding in Japan. I dreamed of Japanauary—the mythical month where it snows six feet every night and the Sapporo Classic flows like water. If you know, you know. And if you don’t, well, just watch SUNŌKERU, the newest short film from Austrian-based snowboard manufacturer KORUA.

As we’ve come to expect from one of the most innovative and genuine snowboard brands out, SUNŌKERU—a silly Japanification of “snorkel” … cus the snow is so deep you need one to breath—combines insane carving, epic powder turns, serious jumps and drops, artful cinematography, intuitive sound design, and endless moments sure to illicit involuntary noises of pure excitement—the last part is no joke, be warned.

If there was ever a nine minute film that captures the insane conditions and pure, child-like stoke that boarding in Japan can deliver, this is it. Plus it’s cool to see longtime Canadian ripper Spencer O’Brien get involved with these goofy Euros.

Winter is coming, and as of this morning, I couldn’t be more hyped. Hope you feel it too.