Coal x Smith Collaboration Adventure Hat and Sunglasses Combo

The exclusive, unisex capsule features PNW-inspired topo prints and tons of functionality for hikers and backcountry athletes alike

Coal x Smith Collaboration Adventure Hat and Sunglasses Combo


Gabi Stadulis

Gabi is a designer and whitewater woman based in Portland, OR, from Richmond, VA.

Here at FM, we love hyper functional gear. But when one item works with another to form a system and together they live together in harmony? Now that is one really what we live for.

Case in point, the new collaboration hat and sunglass combo from Seattle's finest Coal Headwear and Smith Optics. A perfect three-piece designed for all our fellow outdoorsy folx that appreciate intentionality, too.

Pro snowboarder Desiree Melancon wearing the Coal x Smith kit

The five panel cap is a low-profile, lightweight headpiece rated UPF 40+ and covered in a custom topographic graphic inspired by the brand's fav PNW landmarks. And, as previously boasted, it also features a flexible brim designed to pack into itself to double as a sunglasses case. For the glasses themselves, they're polarized, anti-reflective, and come with a sweet Chums retainer—which every sunglass-owner should own, BTW, as to not lose their shades while baggin' peaks or surfin' waves or whatever else it is you do in your free time.




The go-anywhere three-piece collection sells exclusively as a package for $189, meaning if you want these sick sunglass retainers, you gotta cop the whole lot.


Smith Shoutout Sunglasses

Coal Access Cap

Published 08-28-2020