Wool has come a long way in the past few years, from being synonymous with saggy, itchy sweaters to more recently, performance apparel. Ultra fine Merino Wool is now at the head of the table of renewable, natural fibers fit for both performance and everyday wear. Leading the charge is SF-based CIVIC, and their newly completed Base system, consisting of merino wool boxers, socks, and versatile T-shirts.

But back to the kit. What’s in it and why should you care? From the feet up CIVIC has introduced an Italian-made 100% mercerized merino wool sock with nylon toe and heal for durability. Then, a set of merino boxers that are pretty self explanatory. And finally, the celebrated Antoni Tee—mercerized merino meant to be worn every day for every activity, from travel and exercising to daily use as an undershirt.

Let us remind you, merino is naturally moisture wicking, ultra breathable—and thus temperature regulating—and antimicrobial, anti-stinky, and a bunch of other great stuff. In other words, it’s exactly what you want to wrap your feet and private parts in. Luxe and functional. Yes please.

And sure, we’ll admit it’s a bit of a surprise to see a whole article about socks and boxers and t shirts, but hey, who cares how epic your sick Gore-Tex outerwear is if your losing heat and retaining sweat at the very first level? We’re here to serve you. So listen up, fam. It’s time to step up your base layer game and ditch the synthetics.