In the past decade or so we've seen wool evolve from a material synonymous with bulky and scratchy sweaters of our grandparents’ generation to being exalted as nature’s miracle fiber. It’s renewable, biodegradable, highly breathable, unparalleled in terms of thermoregulation, and of course, naturally odor resistant. So now that we’re all sold on it’s greatness, let’s look at the latest real world application: The CIVIC Collection from Taylor Stitch.

Developed through partnership with Australia’s The Woolmark Company, the line, with offerings for men and women, features a range of apparel options for city dwellers who are always on the move—think commuting by bike, running to catch a cab, sweating on the subway, etc. The collection is based around three new, now-proprietary fabrics.

Merino 4S is used in the pants and shorts and is comprised of a Merino blended with plant-based Sorona fiber fabric. It’s designed to stretch without losing it’s shape (bye bye crotch blow outs).

MerinoPerform WP is the second new fabric, designed as a wind and water repellent fabric with stretch and used in the Commuter Jacket silhouette.

And thirdly, Mercerized Merino is an extra fine fabric used in the T-shirts and women’s turtle neck. It’s strong, comfy AF and performs equally well when worn behind a desk as in the saddle.

The entire CIVIC collection is now available in the Taylor Stitch Workshop, meaning each piece is now for sale at a discount, and later will only rise in price. So get on it now and prevent weak gear from keeping you from sticking to your New Years resolutions of being more active.