Vermont-based Budnitz Bicycles makes exceptionally high-end titanium and steel bicycles for the city dwelling, outdoors loving, design-minded cyclist. That’s a lot to take in, but it’s pretty much all you need to know. The brand may not be the number one choice of core roadies, Strava top time holders or the fixed gear kids, but Budnitz Bicycles is cool with that—they’re after a more discerning crowd, one interested in quality and have fun above all else. We’ve spent some time on their debut No.1 model—a fast and light city bike—and can attest to just how nice every single bit about it is, especially the ride. From the carbon Gates belt drive to the cantilever frame that increases dampening and shock absorption, each and every Budnitz Bicycle is created to be absolutely the best it can be.

One model we have not ridden yet, but sincerely hope to soon, is the FTB. Billed as the ultimate fat bike, this cold weather machine features a 14-speed internal hub and 4.8” tires with a handsome, handmade titanium frame (weighing just 5 lbs) atop it all. The world’s lightest hydraulic brakes from Italy and a carbon fork and titanium components rounds out the badass all-terrain beast. If you’re not familiar with just wtf a fat bike it, do some quick googling. It’s pretty insane. And hilarious. To prove the off-road capability of the FTB, the Budnitz crew literally rode it over a VW Jetta. Yep, a car. What’s not to love?

Before you answer that with some snarky BS about price and accessibility and everything else, take a deep breath, lean back in your desk chair and flick through the new Summit to Sunset image set shot by photographer Daniel Cardon of the FTB getting rad somewhere in the Northeastern US.