YESTERDAY in Japan, Oregon, New Zealand

Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin, and friends hit the open road with powder on the mind in new short film

In just under 10 minutes Bryan Fox and his latest video project through Quiksilver capture the very essence of snowboarding. Or, at least the side of snowboarding we admire. Endless turns in New Zealand, grey days in Japan, sunny summer laps at Mt. Hood—the dream.

“I wanted to keep it as simple as possible,” said Fox. “I picked three locations, got some friends together and went on these road trips looking for good snow. In the end, I hope it just makes people want to have some fun and go riding with their homies.”

Featuring Bryan Fox, fellow pro boarder and The Field Contributor Austen Sweetin, the ever soulful Alex Yoder and Griffin Siebert, YESTERDAY is one not to miss.

check out more inspiring vids here, and catch up with Bryan and Austen on IG

"The Internet is calling and I must go" - John Muir
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