Architectural Inspo: Hood Canal Little House

This modern cabin among evergreens proves much can be done with just 1000 sq ft

After mentally escaping to Northern California and Upstate New York for recent installments of our Arch Inspo series, we’re back in the land of plenty that is The Great Northwest. Situated on a bluff overlooking Hood Canal—a long and narrow natural waterway separating the Olympic Peninsula and the Kitsap Peninsula, due west of Seattle—among second growth evergreens, Little House by mwworks design studio is a tiny home-lover's dream. And a 2017 AIA Small Project Awards winner.

Built reusing an existing foundation, the aptly named Little House tops out at just 1,100-square-feet spread over two floors. A large, western facing patio extends the footprint on sunny days, and ample, large windows helps the modest size feel much larger. Endless hiking trails extend from the front door, inviting visitors take advantage of the site’s real draw.

Oxidized black cedar and blackened cement infill panels clad the exterior while inside is defined by light washed paint and natural pine plywood, drawing design inspiration from both Japan and Scandinavia. A wood burning stove rounds out the highlights. As the architect puts it, the modern cabin is “small in size, but much larger than its boundaries.”

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