Sweden's CAKE Introduces Electric Dirt Bike

POC founder launches latest venture with light, silent, and clean-running motorbikes

Motorcycles are great. Not everyone thinks so, but we do. Riding one is about the closest one can come to flying, outside of downhill skiing or snowboarding, or riding a regular bike, that is. But for all the good, the bad generally take takes the spotlight. They’re dirty, loud, polluting. But not KALK, the first all electric off-road motorcycle from Sweden’s CAKE—a new manufacturer headed by POC Cycling Equipment founder Stefan Ytterborn.

The new concept bike-looking KALK offers a fresh take on just what a motorcycle should look like, pulling design references from downhill and enduro mountain bikes, and we’re digging it. With clean lines, bright white paneling, no gears or clutch, and weighing just 150 pounds (100+ lighter than a typical gas fueled dirt bike), the silent motorcycle is something to behold.

The all-electric, high-performance motor and battery setup can deliver speeds of up to 50 mph with the type of torque only a battery-powered machine can offer. Sure, it can only travel 50 miles on a charge, but remember, it’s an off-road motorcycle, not a touring bike. Your arse and arms will be plenty sore by mile 40, anyway.

pre-order from CAKE for $14,000

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