One of the biggest contradictions most of us outdoor lovers make is believing whole heartedly in living the most sustainable and environmentally conscious life we can, while still driving petrol-burning SUVs—and not even modern ones with good fuel efficiency. Looking to solve this issue is emerging auto brand Rivian, and their all-electric R1T Truck and R1S SUV, designed specifically for outdoorists.

After nearly a decade of development, the R1T pickup was unveiled at the LA Auto Show on Monday, with the R1S SUV shown for the first time earlier today. While we don’t generally cover the auto space, we're genuinly excited about these two rigs. With a style reminiscent of an International Harvester Scout, and insane capabilites (the R1S SUV can handle up to 3' of water, because the engines have no air intake), this seemed a good enough reason to sidestep such traditions and celebrate a future with less emissions and more adventure.

We’ll keep the specs brief, but in short the R1T pickup is most comparable in size and performance to a new Ford Ranger of Toyota Tacoma, while the 7-passenger R1S SUV seems more similar to a Ford Explorer. They both boast an insane 0-60pm performance of just 3 seconds (yes, just like a Tesla), AND a starting sticker price of $69,000 with improved battery configurations up to $100k. They will be available in 2020, with preorders officially avaialble now (a $1000 refundable deposit gets you in line). Start saving your pennies now folks!

The top of the line editions will be able to cover 400 miles on a single charge—a massive supply of batteries lines the floor, while four individual electric motors provide precise 4WD at any charge. Lots of storage space is also a huge plus, as the front hood offers a gear compartment in the absence of a central engine, and with the R1T, an odd-looking storage gutter that runs the width of the vehicle (designed for skis or a snowboard) could be quite useful too.

And one last thing, they're equipped with self driving capablilites too (hands-off wheel and eyes off road, as Rivian describes it). More on that still to come.