The best escapist architecture from around the world

Architectural Inspo: Sweden's Off-Grid Vipp Shelter Hotel

Sweden's Ultimate Off-Grid Hotel Designed to Recharge City Dwellers

A prefab contemporary retreat in the wilderness just over an hour from Malmö

Architectural Inspo: Finland's IKEA of Cabin Design

Arch Inspo: The IKEA of Cabin Design From Finland

Turnkey log construction cabin and sauna kits starting at just $18,000

Architectural Inspo: Les Jeurs Swiss Chalet

Alpine Modern Done Swiss Style

A multiform chalet blending minimalist sensibilities with traditional form and function

Architectural Inspo: Casa Montana by Baragano Architects

Arch Inspo: The Future of Cabin Design is Prefab

Designed in Madrid over 4 months, built on site 600km away in just 5 days

Architectural Inspo: Wales' Slate Cabin

Arch Inspo: A Cabin Made of Stone in Wales

Natural light and reclaimed slate make this one-room cabin the ultimate writer's retreat

Architectural Inspo: Wisconsin's Hidden Stacked Cabin

Arch Inspo: Wisconsin's Secret Stacked Cabin

The traditional open-plan cabin design gets flipped on its head

Archictural Inspo: Troll Hus Sugar Bowl, CA

A Rare Look Inside Lake Tahoe's Ultimate Alpine Modern Cabin

Norwegian modernism meets California can-do ingenuity, via famed Mork Ulnes Architects

Architectural Inspo: Skardsøya Seaside Cottage in Central Norway

Arch Inspo: Modest Seaside Cottage in Central Norway

Natural light and a reverence for the surrounding landscape define this minimalist escape

Architectural Inpso: Sweden's Bergaliv Lookout Hotel

Inside Sweden's One Room Lookout Hotel

Designed with a minimalist, Japanese design sensibility and built high above the forest floor

Architectural Inspo: Rabbit Snare Gorge Cabin, Novia Scotia

Arch Inspo: A Storm Watcher's Dream Cabin

An exaggerated gabled tower atop a remote island with 360 views of rugged coastline and gnarled forest

Architectural Inspo: Scandinavian Seaside Holiday Home

Arch Inpso: The Ultimate Scandinavian Seaside Holiday Home

Concrete, glass, and ash define this minimalist island cabin off the southern coast of Norway

Architectural Inspo: Hut on Sleds, New Zealand

The New Zealand Cabin Designed to Fight Climate Change

An off-grid cube of a cabin designed to be moved further up the beach as ocean levels rise

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