7 Treehouses & Yurts for Rent in New York's Adirondack Mountains

A handful of quirky rental options for those searching for the perfect weird weekend getaway a few hours north of New York City

7 Treehouses & Yurts for Rent in New York's Adirondack Mountains


Breanna Wilson

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Camping in the Adirondack Mountains has always been cool. But in 2020, it’s camping in an off-grid treehouse in the middle of the forest, or in a yurt on a sheep farm, cool-cool. You hear what we’re saying?

So, while the rest of New York plans another run of the mill camping trip to the 'dacks, use this list of unique cabin rentals to escape the crowds to sleep high up in the trees, atop a rock, or in a yurt. For real.

Jay, NY — Blue Pepper Farm Yurt

Vibe: Backcountry, But Make it Mongolian

There’s just something about waking up to the view of the mountains, from the warmth and comfort of a completely decked out, 30’ wide, Mongolia yurt that never gets old. Especially when you find yourself surrounded by the sheep, lambs, and hens that call Blue Pepper Farm, and your front yard, home.


Paul Smiths, NY — Magical Treehouse

Vibe: Treetop Creature Comforts

A handcrafted treehouse with all sorts of cool nooks, books, and the whole of Adirondack Park await. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Just add in miles and miles of glorious hiking trails, days that end with roasted s’mores and stargazing, and you have yourself one ideal mountain escape.

Rate: $179/night

Middle Grove, NY — Treehouse Retreat

Vibe: Simple Solitude

While there’s nothing especially over the top about this treehouse, this Adirondack retreat is just that – a retreat. With electricity and stained-glass window details, easy access (you can drive right up to it – no trail uncertainty here), this treehouse sleeps three and could be exactly the kind of weekend escape you and the fam needed.

Rate: $225/night

North Creek, NY — Hemlock Camp Tent

Vibe: Snow White Goes Camping

While it might seem like a squirrel is about to talk to you at any moment during your quarter-mile hike to camp, no, it’s not delirium talking, it’s just that enchanting out here. It happens. With a king-sized bed waiting for you inside your new 16x20’ home, and a fire pit, hammock, and torches to complete the fairytale-like scene – there might not be any talking animals out here, but there are certainly plenty of opportunities to create a fairytale of your own.

Rate: $94/night

Potsdam, NY — Rock House Cabin

Vibe: Pride Rock

A tiny house. On a rock. What more is there to say? Besides: there’s a nearby outdoor bathtub, new cedar wood Finnish steam sauna, and a blueberry patch all at your fingertips. So, it is more than just a tiny house on a rock – it’s whole vibe.

Rate: $125/night

Taberg, NY — Goodall's Treehouse

Vibe: Wilderness Eclectic

Part of a 60-acre nature sanctuary, this two-story, no-fuss treehouse with a second story open-air balcony, reading nook, sleeping loft, and detached full bathroom and shower, sounds pretty much like everything you need for a less-than-typical Adirondack trip to us.

Rate: $79/night

Remsen, NY — Luxury Treehouse

Vibe: Modern Castle in the Trees

This luxe treehouse is hygge with a touch of whimsy. Although the interior is not our usual vibe, the structure itself-a 1,200 square foot, two-story treehouse with bunk beds and an 80’ suspension bridge-is what we're here for. If you thought treehouses and suspension bridges were only for kids and D&D players, think again.

Rate: $199/night

Published 07-30-2020