Topo Designs x Nanga x Natal Design Release Down T-Shirt and Rusksack

A rare three-brand, two-piece collaboration blending Japanese craftsmanship with an American outdoor aesthetic

Topo Designs x Nanga x Natal Design Release Down T-Shirt and Rusksack


Geoff Nudelman


Topo Designs

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Topo Designs is at it again with another killer, limited-run collection expanding the brand’s reach while staying true to its colorful roots. This time, it’s a rare three-company collaboration joining forces with two of Japan’s most celebrated niche outdoor brands, Nanga and Natal Designs, to release an equal number of unique collab pieces—a Down T-Shirt and Rover Shoulder Pack.

The Down T-Shirt($229) is a design most aren't likely familair with, but it’s been a signature piece of Nanga’s lineup for decades (the brand is 74 years old, after all). It features a nylon micro ripstop outer layer, a duck camo printed interior, and is filled with Ultra-Dry Down to ensure peak performance in varied conditions. Best of all, it stuffs into its own carrying sack for easy travel/use as a pillow when backpacking.

Much like down pants, don’t knock the down t-shirt until you’ve tried it.



The Rover Shoulder Pack ($189) highlights Natal’s 1000D camo nylon on the outside with a 400D blaze orange interior pack cloth. It has all of the functionality you’d expect from Topo (like a padded laptop sleeve and extra durable construction) with awesome notes of Japanese street style that really shows the influence of both Nanga and Natal Designs. 

As gear nerds, it’s no secret that we’re fans of Nanga and their impeccable reputation for creating quality outdoor gear with style. The brand’s recent efforts to expand their global reach is a rad sign of what’s to come, too. And Natal Design, well, they’re another OG brand we’ve been drooling over since first picking up an issue of GO OUT magazine dang near a decade ago.



All in all, it feels like a really authentic collaboration between all three brands. Bringing in Natal Designs (who often collaborate with certified cool kid brands, like stussy, and even Helinox) was a clever way to round out the collection, adding additional focus on craftsmanship and definitive Japanese style. 

Don't sleep on this one, folks. It's bound to sell out quick.


Published 09-22-2020