Introducing the Field Mag x Dangle Supply Adventure Bong

An ultralight, unbreakable, titanium waterpipe capable of elevating any outdoor experience with the flick of a bic

Courtesy of your highly caffeinated and ever thankful editorial team at FM HQ

When it comes to spending time outside, many among us enjoy elevating their experience from time to time, turning to a natural flower as old as time itself—cannabis. For those in this boat, we have a special new collaboration just for you. Introducing the Field Mag DangleBong Blaze™, an ultralight, unbreakable titanium waterpipe made in collaboration with the fellow adventure lovers at Dangle Supply.

Limited to just 50 pieces, the rare collaboration DangleBong Blaze™ is an LNT-approved alternative to traditional glassware, making it safe for all outdoor adventures, from camping and backpacking to cycling, jogging, kayaking, or sitting in, like, a super comfy camp chair. (Of course we suggest you do so responsibly.)

*10% of profits will be donated to the Last Prisoner Project, a Denver-based nonprofit working to decriminalize marijuana and free prisoners of color who are disproportionately served with unjust sentences for nonviolent cannabis offenses.


Weighing just 150 grams, the travel-friendly waterpipe measures 7” in length with a 1.5” diameter and 2.75” width at the handle, and features a 16mm BowlHole that delivers better balance with increased volume.

The newly redesigned UltraSuck raw bowl seamlessly integrates with the smart rubber stopper accessory for safe bowl housing directly in the pipe. The exclusive—and durable—safety orange powder coat colorway enhances visibility and user experience and ensures that no matter how dense the foliage or how high the climb, you leave radiant vibes, but zero trace, in your wake.


Each waterpipe comes with a complimentary, exclusive Blaze Orange collaboration beanie—made of 50% hemp, 50% cotton—to match, because nothing’s worse than cold ears harshing your mellow when you’re in nature trying to take it all in.

And best of all, it’s environmentally friendly. The unbreakable, medical-grade, non-reactive titanium waterpipe is completely reusable, dishwasher safe, and 100% vegan.



It’s time to ditch that douchey vape, say goodbye to the bent pocket joint, leave the glassware at home, and say hello to the future of high-minded adventure: the Field Mag x Dangle Supply DangleBong Blaze™.

Available now for $169.69.


Published 09-22-2020