New Topo Designs Mini Packs are Functional, Cute AF

Bright colors and bold designs in the Colorado-based brand's SS20 release of packs and accessories bags for everyday carry

New Topo Designs Mini Packs are Functional, Cute AF


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Topo Designs

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Of all the brands currently running around the outdoor lifestyle space, few have the history and taste level of Topo Designs. Though the primary colors and minimalist designs may seem straightforward, the accessibility of their products speaks volumes—the brand looks good on everyone from core outdoorists to casual campers and city dwellers alike. Take the new Spring/Summer 2020 line as further proof.

(Btw use code “SPRING25” for 25% off all Topo products right now.)

While we’re digging the SS20 apparel—shout out pragmatic, low-tech gear like the vintage-y Wind Jacket and mesh Global Hat—the real standout this season is the progression of Topo's mini bag offers.



The recognizable Rover Backpack gets a mini edition, along with a mini price tag of $69—perhaps aiming to take a slice of market share from the classic Kanken—while the colorblock Mini Quick Pack marks the argument for sling bags as everyday carry.

Also new to the lineup is the Taco Bag and Square Bag, two odd little zippered accessories that are really just great. But what do they do? Who knows?! Put a spare charger or random cords in ‘em. Maybe your AirPods or regular headphones if you don’t flex that way. How about some cash and an ID, then clip it to your pack when hiking. It doesn’t really matter.


What does matter is that everyone sees these mini packs as for them. Fellas—and this should go without saying—just cus all these bags are mini, and colorful, and really damn cute, doesn’t mean they’re not for you, too. Embrace the functionality and style of the ridiculous mini bags and help do your part in dismantling tired gender norms.

(Consumerism as an act of social deviance? Maybe the isolation is getting to me...)


Anyway, I like the mini bags.


Published 03-26-2020