Located under two hours outside of Toronto is Lake Simcoe, and on it’s edge sits Sunset Cabin by Taylor Smyth Architects. Designed as a bunk house separate from another, more substantial structure already on the property, the single room cabin exists to serve a single purpose: to create a comfortable locale for watching the sun set and rise in solitude.

Cedar slats encircle the cabin on three sides, leaving the insulated glass structure exposed on one side, and thus further enhancing the view. Conversely, a green roof planted with sedums and herbs camouflages the bunkie from main cabin’s view. A wood-burning stove heats the cabin when warm summer light is lacking, while a birch veneer plywood-wrapped interior with built-in cabinets aids in amplifying the visual lightness and storage.

Though originally constructed back in 2003 we’re calling attention to Sunset Cabin to praise its highly considered, minimal design—one that feels as fresh today as it did well over a decade ago.