With Spring Break Snowboards, artist and former pro Corey Smith took snowboarding back to its roots, breathing new life into a stale industry with imaginative shapes and a DIY approach. (Check out our Corey Smith Studio Visit here.) And he’s done something similar here, with the Psychwig Glacier Sunglasses, a recent collaboration between Spring Break and Von Zipper.

Made in Italy with reinforced nylon frames, stainless steel hinges, and polarized, impact resistant polycarobonte lenses, the Pyschwig is a modern interpretation of a mountaineering classic.

The black and white sunglasses feature oversized composite frames, synthetic eye-sheltering side hoods, and UV blocking lenses, making the perfect eyewear for casual spring and summer snowboarding. Given the design's original reference, they're more than capable of handling everything from alpine missions to biing, hiking, and backpacking too (see the sunnies in action along the Lost Coast via Robbie Sell’s Living Vancariously). Heck, they’ll even protect your eyes from harsh rays on the way to your local coffee shop the morning after a long night.

When done right, a modern reinterpretation of an iconic outdoor product is hard not to love. So shout out Spring Break and Von Zipper for this one.