California gets a bad wrap at times. Sure, San Diego is an endless sea of bros in lifted 2WD pick-up trucks. And yes, everyone in LA is a DJ. But if you look past all the clichés and Governator jokes, you'll find an a truly remarkable state with incredibly diverse geography and outdoor offerings. Outside of NZ or Iceland (if you're Chris Burkard), it's just about the only place on planet Earth where you can surf, skate, and snowboard all in one day. From the rugged beauty of the Sierras to the streets of SF and the swells of Santa Cruz, California is truly a mecca of all things radical.

Knowing this well, film series projectDETOUR set out to capture the vibe of this unique state, with pro snowboarders Markus Keller, Eric Messier, Shayne Pospisil, and DBK in tow. The result is five full minutes of badass fun. Motorcycles, surfing, skateboards, beers, backcountry boarding—what else could you ask for?

Directed, shot and edited by David Bertschinger Karg, the three-part series previously features the Alps and Greece.