OFF-WHITE Hiking Boots

Virgil Abloh's fashion label dives into outdoor gear with an Italian-made hiker

OFF-WHITE Hiking Boots


Graham Hiemstra

Field Mag's benevolent overlord, formerly of the PNW and now residing in NYC. We apologize in advance for his many mispellings.

Believe it or not, people in cities need to protect themselves (and their feet) from the elements too—it’s not just mountaineers that appreciate heavy duty, hardwearing gear. If you’ve ever spent even a week enduring an NYC, DC, or Boston winter, then you’ll know what we mean. And it’s those outdoor-loving city dwellers (like us) who so dearly desire gear that can seamlessly make the transition from the urban environment to the natural landscape. Case in point, these aptly named Hiking Boots from OFF-WHITE, the fashion label run by long time Kanye West creative director Virgil Abloh.

Sure, buying hiking boots from a fashion label seems silly at best, but if you can fight the urge to completely write them off, you’ll see the badboy boots are handmade in Italy by Diemme, a brand with over 25 years of expert bookmaking experience. The detailing and craftsmanship is top notch, featuring a leather and suede upper with a reinforced rubberized toe and heavy duty D-ring lace fasteners. Plus, as you may have noticed, the sturdy rubber sole sports a rather intimidating ice-grip swingarm, allowing for extra grip and stability in gnarly weather conditions—be it an icy parking lot or snow covered trail.

If the “it’s an investment” argument doesn’t work for you, check the equally approachable and more reasonably priced Poler Original Hiker.


Published 10-21-2016