Being based in NYC with strong ties to the Pacific Northwest means we're often on an airplane—or rather, hauling embarrassing amounts of gear to and from the airport, and often in awful weather. So, due to weight, size and weatherproofing, we've long relied on an all-black pair of Cole Haan ZeroGrand boots. But now we need a replacement, as time has taken it’s toll on the China-made boots.

In the past we've sung the praise of the Apollo Moc as the ultimate camp shoe (sorry Crocs), and now we’re leaning towards the Fitzroy as our new winter weather travel boot. The ankle-high design seems ideal for it, with an EVA outsole and ballistic nylon upper for weather resistance, and a microfiber tongue and soft lining improve comfortability. Though we haven’t run them through the ringer yet, it’s certain the Fitzroy is a more practical choice in inclement weather than Chuck Taylors, and a lightweight alternative to the bulky Danners that continue to sit on our closet waiting for the next heavy snow day—or summer hike.

So, if you’re after a comfy pair of boots for the bleak winter season, but aren't up to tote around the weight of some Timbs, don't need the nostalgia of Red Wing, or the price tag of ACG—and you object to the use of animal products—try the Fitzroy. Native sells the boot directly for $110.